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Poker Pick Up Lines

  • Published Date June 18, 2020
  • By Admin

 List of Top 22 best online Poker cards pick up lines

Lockdowns got you blue? Been ages since an attractive person showed up on your radar? Ever wondered how you can get a date and the perfect buddy to play Poker cards while sitting right at home? Well, here are some great pick up lines for all you Poker enthusiasts out there. These well tried lines are just what you need to keep that game of Poker fun and romantic. These Poker pick up lines are cheesy, cute, and silly, but in the end, they are amusing. 

1. Can I tap your stack for good luck?

2. Can you please stop staring at my chip stack

3.  My favorite hand is when yours is holding mine

4. If you look at the map of my heart, it says ‘you are here’

5. Thank you for helping me make my hand...all I needed was a queen

6. I’m not in the blinds, but I want a piece of that action

7. My hand is pretty weak, can I use yours?

8. I may not be good looking, but I’m ranked Top 20 in the country

9. I only have one move in Poker and in love... and it’s all in

10. Can I splash my chips all over you?

11. I had a flush until you stole my heart

12. If you give me your heart I’ll give you a diamond

13. Nice hands!

14. I’ll go all in to get that jackpot

15. If you were an online Poker game, I’d go all-in

16. Nice dice!

17. Hey baby! You’re looking at an expert card counter

18. If I bet, will you call me?

19. You know what they say about men with 21?

20. You can play with my chips anytime?

21. Have you ever gone all-in with a pair of ladies before?

22. I wouldn’t mind a bad beating from you

Do you have any funny Poker cards pick up lines that you would like to share? Please get in touch with us or share your lines in the comment section mentioned below.

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