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Top 10 ‘pre-flop hands’ in poker

  • Published Date June 2, 2016
  • By Admin



‘If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near’ : Sun Tzu

Hands play a major role in gaining success in Poker. The hands you play, and how you play them, change accordingly with the variables.


The constant key to success in the case of Texas Hold’em Poker is the understanding of playable and non-playable cards.


In this blog we will talk about the top 10 poker hands in Poker. Also keep in mind that your style of way and dealing with the cards play a major role in winning the game.


Hands who do the talking :

Besides the top 3 hands i.e Aces, Kings and Queens, it really depends on a player which ‘first among equal’ hand a player wants to begin with.


Although the minor percentage egde, officially puts a hand ahead of the other but if a set of players are questioned , which hand will prefer pre-flop “Jack's” vs “AK” or “10’s” vs “KQ” , the answers and definitely splitting their ways.

So here’s what i feel are the top pre-flop hands



Pocket Aces

Pocket Aces


AA: Also known as ‘Pocket Rockets’ or ‘Bullets’ is the dream starting hand for every poker player. This hand is the choice of the masses by default, you will deal with this hand more.I mean who wouldn't wanna hold the Aces pre-flop?


Although you must have heard bad- beat and other nasty stories from players with Aces being there starting hand, but the truth is that they would’ve definitely emerged victorious with it every other time but just that we all take this strongest hand for granted in such a way that all we remember is the times we lost, holding Aces.



Pocket Kings

pocket kings KK.jpg


KK: Also known as  “The Cowboys” : not too far behind, you are almost ahead everytime you start with Pocket Kings. Also unless you miserable run into aces, they are any day good to shove with pre-flop.



Pocket Queen

pocket queens QQ.jpg


QQ: Also known as “The Ladies”.. Preferred by many to hold it pre-flop, the strength of the hand to go along with the lady luck “queens” makes this hand even more significant. The last of what you call the ‘premium hand’ category besides the Aces and Kings, this is again the hand you look out for to stack up.

Ace King OffSuit
Ace king suited AK.png


AK: Holding The ‘’Big Slick” can add a lot of spice to the pre-flop action, a player should feel very confident starting with AK in his hand, suited or not it will go along to make the broadway (AKQJ10) or a ace high flush!! Let’s not forget the fact that if any of these high cards connect on the flop, your chances of winning that hand are fairly high.



Pocket Jacks

Pocket JAcks .jpg


JJ: Pocket Jacks or what we also call them “The Hooks” is another fairly strong hand to start of with. Always good for and early raise pre-flop or one can even contemplate a three bet depending on the opponent’s style of play.




Ace Queen Suited

Ace Queen suited AQ.jpg


AQ: The ‘Big Chick’ is again among the best possible starting hands. Although players find it a little tough on how to about things when holding them but you should never doubt the significant damage they may inflict, if it connects well with the community cards.

Pocket Tens


10’s: Famously known as the “Dimes”, Pocket Tens have their own prominence. Once you’ve been able to figure out that your opponent has raised you with an AK, AQ or any two overs, you may well challenge your opponent for a coin-flip with this made hand.



Pocket nines


99’s: or “The Meat-Hooks” is the last pair that can be worthy of being called a strong action pair. Nines may not be a premium starting hand but certainly a very respectable hand to hold pre-flop. Just in case they connect for a ‘set’ on the flop they should be well ahead of any other hand and can be played in a well disguised manner as it doesn’t include a picture, making it hard for your opponents to figure out your hole cards.


Ace Jack Suited

ace jack suited Aj .jpg

AJ: The ‘Ajax’ is another decent hand to start of with, a strong enough hand to steal the blinds and can even sustain pressure from bottom to mid pairs. Not recommended to shove with it pre-flop unless the action is way too loose.



King Queen Suited

King Queen suited KQ.jpg


KQ: Well finally the king and the queen get together so it has be rightly named as ‘Marriage”. Although ranked as the last among the top ten hands, KQ is a very playable hand pre-flop and if you are fortunate enough to be dealt suited, you are already drawing to a possible high flush and a possible ‘Broadway’ which is the highest possible straight.


So, that about the hands one can deal with in Texas Hold’em Poker, hope you find id useful enough.As always, your feedback is more than important, feel free to give your inputs in the comment box below.



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