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Poker: Top 50 Starting Hands

  • Published Date July 13, 2017
  • By Jimmy Butler

Starting hand in Poker is everything to a player. Although a lot of players believe that any hand can win you the hand, which is true in a way. But the fact is that some starting hands have a definite edge over others, which of-course gives you a better chance of scooping the pots.


Before you can even imagine being a winning player in the long run, you first gotta make sure that you play a selective range of hands Pre-Flop. For all those who are not certain about which hands are the best to see the Flop with, let us list down the Top 50 starting hands in Texas Holdem No Limit Poker.


  1. AA- Pocket Aces

  2. KK- Pocket Kings

  3. QQ- Pocket Queens

  4. JJ- Pocket Jacks

  5. AK s- Ace King Suited

  6. AQ s- Ace Queen Suited

  7. TT- Pocket Tens

  8. AK- Ace King

  9. AJ s- Ace Jack Suited

  10. KQ s- King Queen Suited

  11. 99- Pocket Nines

  12. AT s- Ace Ten Suited

  13. AQ- Ace Queen

  14. KJ s- King Jack Suited

  15. 88- Pocket Eights

  16. QJ s- Queen Jack Suited

  17. KT s- King Ten Suited

  18. A9 s- Ace Nine Suited

  19. AJ- Ace Jack

  20. QT s- Queen Ten Suited

  21. KQ- King Queen

  22. 77- Pocket Sevens

  23. JT s- Jack Ten Suited

  24. A8 s- Ace Eight Suited

  25. K9 s- King Nine Suited

  26. AT- Ace Ten

  27. A5 s- Ace Five Suited

  28. A7 s- Ace Seven Suited

  29. KJ- King Jack

  30. 66- Pocket Sixes

  31. T9 s- Ten Nine Suited

  32. A4 s- Ace Four Suited

  33. Q9 s- Queen Nine Suited

  34. J9 s- Jack Nine Suited

  35. QJ- Queen Jack

  36. A6 s- Ace Six Suited

  37. 55- Pocket Fives

  38. A3 s- Ace Three Suited

  39. K8 s- King Eight Suited

  40. KT- King Ten

  41. 98 s- Nine Eight Suited

  42. T8 s- Ten Eight Suited

  43. K7 s- King Seven Suited

  44. A2 s- Ace Deuce Suited

  45. 87 s- Eight Seven Suited

  46. QT- Queen Ten

  47. Q8 s- Queen Eight Suited

  48. 44- Pocket Fours

  49. A9- Ace Nine

  50. J8 s- Jack Eight Suited

These are the Top 50 starting hand ranked in the order of their winning probability. You can use this as a guide, the next time you sit on a table and hopefully playing these with discipline will reap some real rewards for you in the long run. Go win some!

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