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How are Poker and Chess similar?

  • Published Date January 30, 2019
  • By Admin

One game is played with cards on a table with multiple players while the other is a board game featuring pieces and just one opponent. They are different in its form, but the two games have some similarities that players of both games could relate to. Chess is a game that can seemingly take a lot of time, where the players study every single square and have to be two steps ahead of their opponent. It is also a game from a high societal means, while Poker is associated with more middle-class in smoke-filled back rooms of bars.

Players of both games share the traits of concentration, patience, planning, and being ready to what the opponent is going for and how they play. These are part of a major psychological game they must contend with. Playing with chess pieces is similar to a Poker strategy on how to handle your hand. The opening moves of chess are just like the opening three cards to set up the flop. As the game of chess continues onward and the thinking becomes more deep for the big move, Poker has the turn and river, both of which the more thoughtful, tactical mind will win.

A Poker game is as much for the mind like chess, who we think of geniuses like Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. Poker has Stu Ungar and Johnny Chan. Both games are trained to stimulate the mind in figuring out where the opponent will go to and what the odds are with every move given. You have to be practical rather than theoretical. The Poker rules, as in the minds of professionals, will include the knowledge of hand variations, tactics, and odds as studying points. There has to be a strategy; you can’t freewheel it. Chess players need the right opening move and must construct the right path to go after the king. One false move and it’s over.

Both Poker and chess are infinite in terms of how a game can play out. Both Poker and chess are entertaining for the casual player. Professionals will spend their entire life playing them and can easily teach the game to others. They are games which can last for hours as if it’s a staring contest. And, both of these games are played online against others. The similarities are there; even as Poker has more luck involved than chess, and chess is more skill-oriented, both require the same amount of tactics and thought to win.
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