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5 Winning Tips for All-in Strategy

  • Published Date November 29, 2019
  • By Admin

Poker is a very popular card game that requires the application of strategies, skills, and patience. A Texas Holdem Poker Hand is a combination of five best cards out of 7 cards: 2 Hole cards + 5 Community cards. The Hole cards are dealt face down, hence they are only visible to the player, whereas community cards are dealt face-up and are the same for all the players. Thanks to technology advancements that you can now play Poker from the comfort of your home. Online Poker is the new trend in the card gaming world as most players find it much more convenient and rewarding than playing in a traditional way. To win Poker hands, you first must have the knowledge of Poker Table Positions and Hand Matrix.

In this tutorial, I am going to offer some valuable Poker tips on when to go all-in.

Let’s begin!

Know the Odds and outs in Poker: You must know how to calculate outs in poker in order to correctly predict your odds of winning. You should first check the card combination and then calculate outs before placing any chips in the pot. This will help you figure out if the game is worth continuing or not.


Play Aggressive Before the Flop: If you have a good hand (hole cards), then you can move aggressively before the "Flop". By being aggressive in the very first betting round, you can get many players with weak or average hands to fold easily and win.


Know your opponent: Knowing your opponent means that you should observe the gameplay of other players on the table, like when they bet, when they raise and everything else about their game. This will help you understand when they actually have good cards and when they bluff.


How often your opponents fold: If your opponent folds too much, it means that they are extra defensive and you can easily take advantage by stealing pots even when you do not have a good enough hand. 


Pockets or face cards of the same suite: Pockets such as AA “also known as Pocket Rockets, KK, etc, are good starting hands in Poker. And, anyone can go All-in with such hands in the first betting round. The same goes for the face cards.

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