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Is it Worth Pursuing an Online Poker Career?

  • Published Date December 2, 2020
  • By Admin


 Is it Worth Pursuing an Online Poker Career?

 How many of you reading this blog have wanted to pursue an online poker career? 

Someone who wants flexible working hours that too from the comfort of your home? Something of which you are passionate about? Sounds like a perfect mixture for a dream job. Isn’t it? With that being said, how can you determine that you want to pursue poker as a full-time career?  

This might sound like a perfect way to make poker as a profession, but you need first to comprehend what you are getting into before you start. It is no secret that there are many players across the globe who are playing online poker for a living and enjoying all the advantages that the game offers

There are players who have been doing it for years or decades. Also, to become a professional online poker player no longer has the stigma associated with it as it used to be 20 or 30 years ago. 

But if you think that by reading a couple of poker books and you deposit money into your online poker account, you will start raking in cash, think again. Although this might have been possible ten years ago, but to succeed in today’s game, you need to study, practice a lot and take the game seriously.  

There are several different aspects involved with this question. It depends on your level of skill, your situation in life, and your work ethic. For some, it might be possible to make a living by playing poker. For others not.

Reasons to pursue a full-time online poker career

If you are thinking of pursuing poker for living there is nothing wrong with that. But remember, it is not going to be a smooth ride. Following are the reasons to take into consideration if you are thinking to pursue poker as a career.  

Deep love for the game

In the poker world, I have seen many poker players who have come and gone. Think of some of the big pro players of 10 years ago. How many of them are still even around anymore? 

The reason why many players have a very limited lifespan in poker is that it becomes a tedious task if you don't have passion for the game. The same goes for any job. No matter how much you are earning, if you don’t love what you are doing, you will quickly become frustrated and will be thinking of doing something else. So, before you think of pursuing it as a career, answer one simple question to yourself. Do you have a passion for the game? If yes, then it can be a very rewarding career for you.   


The obvious reason to play online poker is convenience - The convenience of playing from the comfort of your home. No hassle of dressing up and visiting a traditional casino. All you have to do is just sit at home and earn millions of dollars. You get the opportunity to play with different poker enthusiasts across the globe, which is not possible in land-based casinos.

Flexibility and freedom

There is nothing like having no boss around and no fixed schedule to follow. In any profession, being able to set your own hours is the greatest profession. The flexibility and freedom that comes with being a pro are incredible. You will be accountable to no-one but only yourself. 

These days, there are very few jobs that offer the same level of independence as poker. But, remember you have to work as hard as you would do at any other job. The only difference is that no one will breathe down your neck and check up on you.

Winning money - an added bonus

Money is an added bonus in the poker game. There is no secret that one can make a lot of money in the world of poker. If you are well familiar with the rules, techniques, strategies, and tips, you have an opportunity to win a hefty amount of money. Having the capability to make an endless amount of money is incredible. With poker, you are free to play as much as you like and work hard as you want and eventually earn as much money as you want. Of course, it is not easy, but those who are willing to go for it have the opportunity there.  What can be a better way to entertain yourself as well as earn money at the same time?

Should you pursue playing poker professionally?

Well, this depends totally on you. But, the situation right now is not really the best for this with regard to online poker. This is because the game has become harder these days, and the value of rakeback systems has also decreased in some cases. Also, there are several countries where there are restraints on where you can play online. Making it as a professional poker player in this game over the long run is something very few people have the potential to do. It needs a true love for this game even if it kicks you in the face for long periods. 

Apart from true passion, a strong work ethic and a consistent desire to get better is also required. Also, it often takes almost incredible emotional control. There are very, very few players who have all of these features. Many of them will have some, but not all. With all that said, I don’t think that who has a genuine love for the game should not go after their dreams. 

Anyone can become a pro poker player and pursue it as a career. However, hard work, dedication, patience, discipline etc. will be involved for anyone who wishes to pursue it. There are risks to pursue it as a profession, but there are also fantastic rewards for those who are able to do it. My suggestion is to listen to advice before learning poker games, then start playing poker first as a hobby or a part-time job and then gradually move into a career. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play poker? Worry, not! You can start practising the game by playing free poker online on Gamentio to get familiar with the nuance of the game. It is a 3D social card gaming platform in a 3D setting look and gives you the feel of a real casino. Play online poker for free and practice for unlimited hours without spending a single penny from your pocket. Learning the game in a virtual casino is a great way to improve your poker game skills.  

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