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Three Approaches to Having the Second Biggest Stack at the Table

  • Published Date September 28, 2019
  • By Admin


Poker can be incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. Although you may feel that your poker skills are quite solid and advanced, having the second biggest stack requires a lot of insight. Whether you play poker online for free or you enjoy playing in a real-world casino, the following 3 methods are great strategies to use when you were previously the chip leader at your table and have now been moved to another position where someone else has a larger stack.

  1. Respect the chip leader

While your stack of chips may be impressive, the chip leader still has more than you. Learning to respect this person can go a long way in ensuring that you will both benefit from the winnings.

It is not wise to compete outright against the table’s chip leader. As the second-largest stack owner, when you are moved to another table, your chances of winning become bleak. Since the chip leader can eliminate you from this particular event, keeping a low profile and not provoking them is a good strategy as this can negatively affect your table chips.

  1. Know your opponents

One excellent way to be a formidable opponent is to gather information of the opponents beforehand. This would include what they have been showing down, changes in betting patterns and whether or not they have been playing loose.

  1.  Ensure that you are able to control the pots

Being the person with the second-largest amount of chips on the table, you will want to play strategically in order to maximize your winnings at the end of the online Poker tournament. As mentioned above, it is best to keep a low profile, but there comes a time when this seems to be impossible. In such cases, we recommend a careful and intelligent approach involving being in a position to control the pots.

If you find yourself in a stand-off with the chip leader, the best way to come out as a winner is to make sure you have a position over them. This prevents the chip leader from calling the shots, determining the pace of the game and, ultimately, the amount that you are playing for. 

When you have the upper hand, you are able to control the size of the pot and can make strategic decisions about your play. You are in control rather than being controlled!

At the end of the day, when going up against the chip leader of the table, you must always have a strong hand to help you keep the chips moving. This preservation tactic will stand you in good position for the maximum amount of winnings!



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