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Why 'Running it twice' does Not Affect Your Odds

  • Published Date February 1, 2019
  • By Admin

A poker game has full of lingos that describes a hand or a move. It reflects the various tricks and lucky results in a hand or in a battle between two players on the table. Winning poker hands includes various types of flush, having an Ace card that is part of the flop and river is the Ace in the hole, and a straight is a hand of five cards of consecutive rank. Then, there is all-in when you have the gut feeling that you have the best hand for sure and  you will win the growing jackpot. So, as a sign of insurance, the other player in the duel may offer a split in the jackpot by running it. It may give you the incentive to run it again.

The idea of "running it twice" is a common phrase where two players are all-in on the flop and right before the turn and the river, both players have the dealer play out the turn and river twice. The result is the winner of each run takes half of the money on the table. It can happen once and even multiple times, dividing the total money based on the number of times the run out is given. Hence, the question, does running it multiple times affect your odds of success?

The answer is no. In fact, running it twice or more will only reduce the chances of a fair split even as the amount of the pot remains the same. By running it twice or more, the bankroll, or the chance of winning will decrease. First, here are the odds of it happening. The combined total is 46.4%. Hit the turn and missing the river or vice versa is 21.4% each. Hitting both the turn and the river is 3.6%. That being said, the second thing to note is, since we are talking about odds and nothing is assured, the theory of luck comes in. Running it even once allows a second chance also to the opponents to get lucky and win it all.

There is also one more external fact about going for this ploy: it actually infuriates the dealer because that is wasting more time for a ridiculous half-guaranteed agreement between two players and not everyone else at the table. In fact, running it can actually be prohibited at the table because of the shenanigans of betting. So, both the math and the betting irregularities that could be questioned add to seeing the odds really drop.

When playing a game of free online Texas Hold ‘em, you can try to push your luck and run it twice and get lucky. But, if it does, it will not raise your odds of winning consecutive games. Players may be in a position to be all in for the pot and get a chance to “run it” twice or more with the opposition player. Running it has some consequences with the particular hand you have and other areas of the game. Consider these things when you may decide to run it again and again.
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