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Why Players Overestimate Their Poker Skill

  • Published Date January 2, 2019
  • By Admin

Many professional poker players will think that they are better than many other players. This is something called illusionary superiority, where people, through the bias of their own success, think they can do anything without failure. Such a false belief works in all sectors and circumstances. Most people will think something is inferior to another thing. Twenty-five percent of people think they are among the best in having the social skills to talk and be friendly with others. With poker, players who have played and won tournaments will always see themselves as the favourite, completely blowing up their poker skills which are not that good.

There are many reasons for this from being self-serving and having an inflated ego to various biases based on one’s incompetence that they don’t recognize. People must have the competence to look at their own misgivings and flaws to see that they are not infallible. Being bad at playing poker usually means misreading the expressions of others and predicting what the draw will be and having the best hand over everyone. Every claim people will make about the poker expertise can easily be proven false.

Part of the problem for poker players is not just knowledge, but the application on the poker table. Yes, you know all of the poker rules. You play poker online all the time and you think you have mastered the craft enough to play your best game.The part of your game is not just a bluff and having a read on all opponents, but also playing to outsmart and outplay your opponents? If you are not outwitting them, then you are not playing the best game you can play. There are way too many things to keep a mental note on, so you may have to write it all down. But if you can remember all of it, this is a major advantage going forward.

Example: Two poker players with identical odds of 5% where one is a hard worker and the other is a bit laid back. With these odds, small edges players can pick up and can raise the odds for one of them. The hardworking player, if lazy, would be no better than the laid-back one, and if the second player was hardworking, it would raise his odds to 10%. These two players may have the same odds, but the laid back player may feel he’s equally as good as the other player when, in fact, the first player is actually the better one because he can over-perform. The laid-back player may be more skilled on paper, but his lapses in concentration and overconfidence allow the other to use small advantages to raise his odds.

Poker players need to be aware at all times and recognize their own weaknesses. Overconfidence in their skills can mean losing it all at the big event.
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