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How to Play a Pocket Pair Pre-Flop in Poker

  • Published Date December 26, 2018
  • By Admin

Poker needs no introduction when it comes to the world of online gambling. Whether you choose to play free Texas holdem, Poker for money, or any other variant, you would want to have a rough idea about the game. Playing Poker is definitely not as easy as some people believe it is. In order to maximize your chances of winning, you must learn poker rules, and find out how to utilize pocket pairs. Pocket pairs pre-flop during a poker game can be used as an advantage, if you know what you’re doing. Pocket pairs, whether playing free Texas holdem or another variant, can be used to your advantage during the pre-flop and here’s a look at how.

What are pocket pairs? – Regardless of rankings, pocket pairs are highly coveted by poker players from all over the globe. This is hardly surprising when you consider the fact that statistically, the odds of you receiving a pocket pair are 1 in every 17 deals. That, however, does not mean that receiving a pocket pair will automatically guarantee you a win. If used incorrectly, pocket pairs will eat through your chips faster than a frat house during a Superbowl party. Basically, a pocket pair is a 2 cards of the same rankhole cards.

Low pairs without deep stacks – Low pocket pairs generally get their value from making sets, which means that players need to ensure that they are deep enough to realize the value for example 30-50 bbs, low pairs have a low value due to the fact that there isn’t enough cash behind them to win. This means, in basic terms, that players will not make enough money when they hit a set, compared with all of the times that they miss.

Positioning – When playing free Texas holdem, it is a time-honoured tradition to come in late with small pocket pairs. If however, you misplay your cards from an early position in the game, you run the risk of blowing it from the start. This is because small pocket pairs will need a little help in order to win. You need to be disciplined when playing pocket pairs. If by the flop, you haven’t made your set, you will probably need to discard them, as by the time the turn or river is revealed, you will likely be in the perfect position to lose money otherwise.

Pocket rockets – If you’re fortunate enough to be dealt pocket rockets, you may wish to consider yourself fortunate. If you read poker rules, you’ll know that pocket rockets is a term used to describe pocket aces. Two aces are ideal pre-flop because it means that you will never be faced with an overcard. The thing to remember is that you must never slow play pocket rockets. Use them, and use them fast. Starting off at the pre-flop, this is a strong hand, but by the time of the flop, turn, and river, your pocket rockets could have a similar fate to Apollo 13, and nobody wants that.

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