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Different categories of poker players

  • Published Date March 20, 2018
  • By Admin

Online poker is a game that is enjoyed in households all over the globe. For many centuries now, poker has proven to be a hugely popular card game, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, online poker is now thriving. Whether you’re looking to play free online Taxes holdem games, or any other variant of poker, it always pays to know your opposition. You can see a lot about a person by studying how they play poker. The more you know about your opposition, the better your chances will be at beating them. Here’s a look at the different categories of online poker players.

Fishes – In poker, ‘fish’ is a term used to describe players that are constantly calling or raising bets. These players will seemingly always call or raise bets, whether they have a strong hand or not. Occasionally their actions are rewarded if the right cards are revealed later on in the game but generally speaking, fishes, which are sometimes known as ‘calling stations’ are not very successful when it comes to the game of poker. These categories of free online Texas holdem players are not seen as big threats, but more of annoyances.

Rocks – Rock is a term used to describe a poker player that is the exact mirror opposite of a fish. Rocks in poker play it incredibly safe and are seemingly not willing to take even the slightest of risks. They are overly cautious players that often cause games of online poker to drag out for far longer than they should. They only play Kings, Aces, and Queens, and even then, only if they’re certainly they stand a good chance of winning.

Newbies – Poker newbies are new to the exciting world of free online Texas Holdem poker and don’t really understand how the game is played, or the psychology behind it. Their hearts are in the right place, and like everybody else, they have to start somewhere, but they can really upset the flow of a game. Sometimes newbies have fantastic luck in poker, due to the fact that they take risks that seasoned players wouldn’t take. They do this not through bravery, but rather through a lack of experience and knowledge of how the game is played.

Maniacs – As you can probably guess, poker maniacs are not the most conservative of people. Maniacs will play virtually any hand, no matter how much it sucks. They could literally have seemingly no chance of getting anything out of the pot but they would still rather play as opposed to fold and wait until the next round. These players are very aggressive in terms of poker because they will test you. To go up against a maniac you need to be virtually positive than your hand is better than theirs, otherwise they will make you pay.

ABC poker players – Finally, when it comes to online poker, the last type of player we’re going to look at today are ABC poker players. These poker players do everything by the book, so they know when to play aggressively and when to play cautiously. They know when to fold, when to raise, and when to call. They know the rules of free online Texas holdem poker inside and out, and they do certainly take some beating.  

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