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How to Avoid Going on Tilt in Poker

  • Published Date March 19, 2018
  • By Admin

There are a lot of ways to learn poker, but tilt is definitely something every player tries to avoid. Tilt in poker is a saying that states when a player has becomes angry mainly due to a bad beat and loses control. The user seems as if he/she has been pushed off their limit and about to blow up! The poker rules at this point will not help out; they need to put their emotions in check before continuing the game. Going on tilt could actually cost you the whole game since you will begin to play poorly.


Causes of Tilt

There are many causes of tilt, and it is best to know these causes before trying to avoid it. Knowing the causes will help give you a clear view on how to avoid it.


You have the winning hand, but someone across the table keeps stating all the cards. This would bother you badly. You have made a lucky hand, while the player next to you is just messing everything up for you. Therefore, you tend to get frustrated.


Another cause would be if you put all your money in the game to just lose at the end. This is the worst thing to happen to any player. Especially when they are on a winning streak and just lose everything at the end! This will most likely cause outrage.


Losing from the start can be horrible. As a player you would feel that the whole world is against you and you need to act fast. Therefore, you try your hardest but nothing seems to be working, and you lose until you have no more poker chips. This mostly happens in online poker, since people get more addicted to it.


Poker rules are important. They help you learn poker and improve your game. However it will get annoying when someone on the table keeps “trying” to teach you poker. The constant chatting will get you nervous and angry at the same time!


Avoid Tilt


Don’t show your emotions

No matter what, the last thing that you should do is get emotional. Once you get emotional, other players will know that it is so easy to get inside your head. This way you will ruin your own game, without even knowing.


Own your losses

When you learn poker, you are aware of all the wins and losing. Honestly, it is amazing to win but at the same time it is fine to lose. Don’t get all heated up and angry from a few loses. You can’t win forever; you have to give a chance to other people as well.


Previous angry

A lot of players, mainly the players that play online poker tend to play lose control at times. They get angry and turn to their smartphones or computers. They would have a thousand, which may disappear soon. Online poker was made for fun, but as a player, you need to be sure not to lose money just from external factors. Overall, poker rules are made to try and avoid tilt and allow you to learn poker the fun smart way. Whether you are playing online poker or real time poker, its best to keep your emotions in check.

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