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Responsible Gaming

Spend what you can afford to lose!

Underage gambling

We, at Gamentio prohibit minors from playing real money games. If any person, at the time of registration or later provides us with their inaccurate age information, we permanently block them on Gamentio. Such users could face criminal prosecution too.

Fraudulent and criminal behaviour

To check any suspicious account or activity of a user, we are required to know their basic info. This involves implementation of effective KYC (know your customer) documents when registering a new users on our site and tracking & reporting any suspicious transactions.

Any user found guilty of manipulating the KYC docs or using multiple IDs to exploit the rewards system or using abusive language in chats are immediately banned from playing on Gamentio and all their Points get forfeited. On extreme offence, the guilty could face criminal prosecution.

Information privacy

Privacy of our users is our key concern. We ensure the protection of users data such as, their age, DOB, address, phone number and address, and any other records against unauthorised or unnecessary disclosure.

Prompt and accurate customer payments

Gamentio ensures that customer funds are managed separately from our own accounts and that we have sufficient cleared funds to pay all players' prize wins and outstanding player balances.

Ethical and responsible gaming

We encourage our users to set a budget for themselves and play within their set limit. We also suggest that users do not play while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any kind of medication or while driving. The users are suggested to play only when they are fully alert and focussed.

Gamentio also prohibits people from the states of Gujarat, Orissa, Telangana and Assam from playing Real Money games on our site. Accessing our services to play Real Money games from these states is considered a breach of policy and such user may face legal proceedings.

TDS Policy

In compliance with Section 115BB and Section 194B of the Income Tax Act, Poker/Rummy players in India are liable to pay 30.9% TDS on any winning above Rs 10,000 generated in a year. The player will have to update the banking area with his correct PAN number so that we can file the TDS easily.

Customer satisfaction

Users are free to make comments or complaints to us. Our 100% response rate makes our users 100% satisfied with our customer support team.

Fair gameplay

Gamentio is well tested to ensure the games are fair and random. Gamentio has a zero tolerance for abusive language and unfair gameplay. Any account which we find to be running any kind of suspicious activity is immediately blocked.