Gamentio follows all the legal rulings laid by the government of India pertaining to skill based games, like Poker and Rummy to ensure a secure gaming experience for our users across India and abroad.

Texas Holdem Poker is recognised to be a game which requires a substantial and preponderant degree of skill as it deals with mathematical calculations, psychology and strategies.

Along with many players from various strategic fields, recently, chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand also agreed Poker as a game of calculations, intuitions and skills.

Is Poker Legal in India

According to the Supreme Court of India, games of chance or luck are illegal, but those which are based on 'skill' are not. However, since gambling is a state subject, some states have allowed games of skill while others have prohibited them in all forms.

In India, gaming legislations in all states with the exception of Sikkim, Nagaland, Gujarat, Assam, Odisha and Telangana exempt "games of skill" or "games of mere skill" from the definition of gambling.

Since gambling is a state subject, at present we do not permit residents of these states to play real money Poker on our website.

We have all the policies, rules and security measures in place to make Gamentio a 100% secure & most trusted poker online site in India for our users. We also encourage our users for responsible gambling.

While Gamentio has taken every possible precaution to remain legal, the players are still advised to check with their local laws if there's any doubt.

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