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What is cutoff position poker, its strategies & how to play?

  • Published Date April 1, 2021
  • By Admin

What is cutoff position poker and its strategies?

People often ask me how do you play K-J offsuit. My answer always remains the same - it depends.

There are three main factors that a poker player must take into consideration. Firstly, paying attention to their own hole cards. Secondly, assess your opponents and try figuring out the best poker strategy in order to get a maximum advantage against them. Thirdly, and perhaps the most crucial factor, is the player’s poker table position.   

One of the best ways to significantly increase your winning chances is to simply play more hands when you get an opportunity to act in the late position. This means playing more hands from seats such as the hijack, the cutoff, and the button. As playing your hand from the last position gives you the luxury to see everyone before you. So, this gives you the benefit to have full information of how your opponents act and make more informed decisions on how much to bet, if any.  

In this blog, we will discuss what is cutoff position poker and its poker table position strategy. So, let’s begin.  

In a 10-max table, the cutoff position is the seat to the direct right of the button seat. Obviously, the button seat is the most profitable as they are the ones to act last. On the other hand, the cutoff is the second-best to take action. So, this makes the cutoff poker position a favourable one, and you would definitely go for it if you do not get placed at the button’s position. It is one of the most profitable ways to play poker as you are the second last player to act. Apart from Below are some of the cutoff position poker strategies that you must use to increase your winning chances. 

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More opportunities to bluff

The best thing about the cutoff position poker is the opportunity to bluff more. Mostly the opponents do not consider the cutoff position poker a strong position as they do for button raises. This makes it easier for you to steal, make a continuation bet and you can represent more reliable hands. Also, when your opponent, who is out of position, exhibits weakness by checking to you, being at the last position to take action gives you a chance to put a lot of pressure on your opponents, bluffing to have a monster hand. 

Stealing attempt

The last position on the poker table is generally known as a steal attempt. This is because this position gives you the best opportunity to win the blinds without any need to see the flop. The cutoff position makes a good steal if both blind and button fold their hand. We would prefer not to get any action from the button because it would put it out of the post-flop position. While open raising is the most lucrative cutoff situation, the player in this position also has a choice to attack open raised either by 3betting or cold calling.

Perfect value bets 

When in the cutoff position, your results can be increased as you have a chance to get all those little value bets no matter what. What do I mean by value bet? Well, any bet in which you have a strong hand, and you are aiming to win. And you don’t need to have the best possible hands by any means. You can bet any bottom pair or even ace high as your opponents can call with worse in this position. The reason why this position helps you get paid off so easily is since your opponents think that you are bluffing to them. They might believe that you are misusing your position when, in reality, you are not. 

Be unpredictable

Uncertainty is one of the most important features of a professional poker player. You should not always play in the same way as you would play in this position. Refrain from making the same folds, starts, or bluffs. When there are many opponents in the game, you should fold if you have A-9 hands. Keep an eye on when the tight players’ open pot, particularly if they do with a raise. Rather than jumping into the pot out of distress, try maintaining your position and play tight. When you have a wide range of hands, then only go for an unopened pot.  

Learning to play from the position should be the first thing you should learn in your poker career. Use this position along with online poker strategy to bluff or deceive your opponents into increasing your winning chances. If you can’t use it to your benefit, you can never be a profitable poker player in the long run. Observe what your opponent does and make your decision accordingly. Playing from the cutoff position and using pro poker tips that too combined with aggression is the biggest weapon of a strong player. 

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