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Strategies to Beat the Poker Bubble

  • Published Date May 6, 2020
  • By Admin

 Best Strategies to Beat the Poker Bubble

If you think that the Poker tourney is won at the final table, then you are wrong. Certainly, you have to play your game well there and win the tournament; however, the framework to win begins at the bubble. In a Poker tournament, there are not too many things more frustrating than simply losing out the money. No one wants to bust out “on the bubble” and walk away empty-handed after hours - or even days - of hard work. 


What is bubble?


Bubble refers to the stage in a tournament when the player out will not win any money, but the remaining players left will win. For example, a Poker tournament pays out to the top ten players in descending order of the monetary value. There are eleven players left. These eleven players are “on the bubble”. The one player that is knocked out will leave the table without scooping any prize. 


Many players change their strategy depending upon the stack when the bubble comes. Some players tighten up their game to make sure they squeak into the money, whereas, others will raise and go all-in on many hands. Your decision depends on the size of your stack and how your opponents are playing. Here are some tactics that will help you get the most out of high-pressure situations when playing Indian Poker game, depending upon the chips you have. 


Short stacks: 

To be as a short stack on the bubble is a big disadvantage because you can’t play a hand without risking your tournament life. Therefore, due to the short stack, you must tighten up your game and play only monster hands. You should really ask yourself what the money means to you. Do you want to win the game or you just want to bank a min-cash (just making money)? If you aim to win the game, proceed your game as you would like. But, if you want to win money to play tightly is the best route for you. 

When you are down to 5-10 big blinds, you are left with the option to either fold or go all-in. As you do not have sufficient chips, it is not a smart move to be limping or calling in a hope to see a flop. 


Big stacks:

Having a big stack on the bubble gives you a great opportunity to gain more chips. As you have a big stack, you should raise a lot and call less. That means you must raise with a wide range of hands. By doing this, you can grab blinds and antes when the short stack players fold. But, if one of the players with a short stack makes a bet, do not call too loose. If you don’t have the best hand fold. Try to identify the weak players who are in a hope to fold their way into money. Attack such opponents as often as possible.


Pay attention to the structure: 

Blinds play an essential role in any Poker tournament. If you are a short stack, you will likely want to keep an eye on the clock to determine how much time you have. If the blinds and antes are increasing rapidly, you can feel the pressure. Just keep on asking questions to yourself like: 

Do I have sufficient chips to make money in the event?

How many big blinds will I have when the blinds go up?

How can I play best with my stack on the bubble?


Don’t be jittery to make big folds:

If you are short even when doubling up still leaves you short- say doubling up from 2 to 4BB, in such situation don’t be afraid to fold a big hand. For instance, you are holding QQ, when your opponent goes all-in and another call, you might consider folding. This is because if the all-in opponent busts, you will have a good chance to be in the money. Whereas, if you play the hand, it might leave you empty-handed. Laying down big hands is never easy, but often it is essential, particularly when the situations are right. 


How to play if the bubble bursts:

As soon as the bubble bursts, things change substantially. The short stack players that played tightly to make money are now keen to make a stack now. If you are a big stack, you will shift gears, rather than picking on people, so sit back and wait for premium hands. At this point, there is no need to gamble. 


On the other hand, if you are a short stack, you have two options. You could either be one of those by sitting tightly and ladder up a one or two pay jumps or you can try to get it in, hoping to spin it up. Remember that once the bubble bursts action will explode. So, adjust your strategy accordingly. 

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