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Poker:Top Omaha Hands

  • Published Date December 30, 2016
  • By Jimmy Butler


Although not the most popular but Pot Limit Omaha (PLO Omaha) is definitely the second favorite variant of Poker after Texas Holdem No Limit Poker.


It is not as easy to be a regular winning Omaha player as it is in the case of Texas Holdem owing to a very high level of variance as compared to Texas Holdem. But if you are disciplined enough and make it a rule to play only a set range of starting hands, you will be able to crack the variance and can be a winning player in the long run.


As there are Four Hole cards dealt to each player Pre-Flop, thus holding Aces Pre-Flop will again be a great hand but not the best against a double suited connectors. Now that we are talking about the Top Hands that one should play, lets list out the Top 20 Omaha Starting Hands. Please do note that all of the below mentioned hands are Double Suited, 2 Diamonds and 2 Spades, 2 Hearts and 2 Clubs and so on. Here they are:


1. A-A-K-K

2. A-A-J-T

3. A-A-Q-Q

4. A-A-J-J

5. A-A-T-T

6. A-A-9-9

7. A-A-8-8

8. J-T-9-8

9. K-K-Q-Q

10. K-K-J-J

11. K-Q-J-T

12. K-K-T-T

13. K-K-A-Q

14. K-K-A-J

15. K-K-A-T

16. K-K-Q-J

17. K-K-Q-T

18. K-K-J-T

19. Q-Q-J-J

20. Q-Q-T-T


Although these are not the only hands you can win a Pot with, but they have a very high percentage of winning a hand when started with. Of course it all depends on other factors such as how many players are in the hand, how much did you raise Pre-Flop and how the community cards are dealt.

So it is highly recommended that if you do not connect with the board don’t marry these hands and learn folding even in the toughest spots.


In the upcoming Blogs we will be discussing more complex strategies on how to be a winning player in PLO Omaha. Till then try stick to the basics and have fun.


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