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7 Poker Online Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing

  • Published Date December 26, 2016
  • By Swati Panwar


Almost every veteran poker player will agree that online Poker is a game of skill and is a mental sport to start with. One needs to master the art of comprehending short-term losses and long-term gains while playing the game. It is a challenging game no doubt but what really makes you a great Poker player is your ability to judge your actions in a challenging situation. A good decision taken may prevent you from losing big time.


  1. Playing every hand

    Don’t make a mistake of playing every hand you’re dealt with. Sometimes, it may happen that you feel hopeful for good cards to come but that does not happen every time. You have to be very lucky for that but as we all know Poker is not entirely a game of luck.

    You should be able to gauge your cards and the probability of you winning the pot. If you don’t have good cards in the beginning then do not stay hopeful and quickly fold your cards. A good Poker player must always know which hands to play and which to let go.


  2. Not keeping a tab on your opponent's activities

    While playing Poker, or any other card game, you should learn to analyze your opponents wisely. It becomes very important to keep an eye on the playing styles of your opponent such that to comprehend if he’s really bluffing or not.

    Your opponent may be giving away a lot of hints to you but it will only work if you equip yourself in reading those signs. Practice more and learn to analyze each move of your opponent.


  3. Betting carelessly

    Beginner players often face an issue while placing the bets and raising. Sometimes they raise to extreme limits - either too little or too much. Placing calculated bets is an art which can only be mastered with experience. However, beginner players can always try to place mediocre bets to learn the essence of the game.


  4. Bluffing incessantly
    Bluffing is, undoubtedly, an exciting thing for the new players. It so happens that if ever they win a game or two through bluffing, their confidence level increases and they try to bluff consistently over the next games. This is indeed not a very good move. If you bluff constantly or poorly, your opponents will be able to track your strategies easily. So don’t others benefit you from your weaknesses i.e. poor bluffing.


  5. Cold Call raising
    Cold calling is referred to a situation when more than one player raises the bet. Suppose if the bet is raised by the Player P and subsequently by Player Q then you call. This gives an impression of an undisciplined player to your opponents. If you’re unsure about raising the bet then it is probably the best option to fold your cards on time.


  6. Relevance of position

    In Poker, the position of the player plays an important role as well. If the player is the extreme end of the table, i.e. the player has his turn at the last, then the player can play maximum hands. Also, the player can easily observe play patterns of all the opponents and make a decision accordingly.


It’s better to know such mistakes which people (mostly beginners) may unknowingly commit while playing Poker. Poker is designed to play with calculations and probability, it cannot be played on a hunch. Hence, the expertise in this game comes only with experience. 


You can learn how to play Poker in our Gamentio Classrooms to discover more Poker strategies and Poker tutorials. The more you play, the more knowledge you gain. So keep playing and never feel disheartened even if you lose a few hands. It happens! Games are meant to play and enjoy- some will lose, some will win but the experience you gain is never-ending.


Be a Poker Pro!

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