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What is a straddle and how to use its best strategy in poker?

  • Published Date September 14, 2021
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Straddle in poker: What is it and How to use it in poker

Once you are comfortable playing poker, you will win some hands, lose some, and feel like you have understood the game. You are no longer afraid of the poker rules, and you can read your own as well as your opponent’s hand. But suddenly, one of your opponents placed a bet without even glancing at his cards. This means you are now dealing with straddle in poker. You need to figure out how to deal with this new twist in your game. 

Poker straddle play can be perplexing. It is a bet which can take you off guard and throw you off your game completely. Straddle bets are pretty common in live poker. This is something you never want to encounter at the poker table. They are increasing in popularity as poker players want to juice up the poker straddle game and get more action. Though some online poker rooms now allow straddling options as well, it is still something you would expect to see at a physical casino.

What is a straddle in poker? 

One of the unique poker strategies with which you must be acquainted is straddle poker. If you know how to play Texas Hold’em or Omaha, you are familiar with how the blind bets work. To the left of the button, the two players place the small blind and the big blind and the action begins. Similarly, a straddle is another blind bet a player can make before the dealer deals the card. The only difference is that although the BB and SB are compulsory, a straddle bet is an optional blind bet. To complete this move, one generally needs to put in 2x the big blind, which causes the pot to grow tremendously. If a player chooses to straddle, the players left on the table are forced to either call or re-raise the sum of the straddle bet. The primary benefit of this bet is that it allows the player to acquire control of the game because all the opponents on his left will have to either match the value set or call by the straddle. Many land-based casino poker rooms allow straddling from the UTG position, whereas some even allow straddling from the button or other position. 

Straddle Sizing

As mentioned earlier, a straddle should always be twice the size of the biggest current stake, i.e. the big blind. There may be slight differences depending on where you play the game, but you can use this as a basic sizing guide. However, the opponent seated immediately to the left of a straddler can do a double straddle and raise the stakes even higher. For instance, you are in a 50, and 100 Texas Hold’em game and the UTG player straddles to 200. Hereon, the remaining players must take action to call or raise a 200 bet instead of 100. To put it simply, the primary purpose of a straddle in poker is to raise the stakes of the game.  

Types of straddles

All poker straddles are not the same. They may differ from one situation to the next or even depending on the poker variant you are playing. There are a large number of different kinds of the straddle. So, when straddling, you must have knowledge about the common four variants or types of poker straddle, which are as follows: 

Classic straddle 

Also known as under the gun straddle is the most common type you will possibly see. In the classic straddle, the player in the first position (UTG) must place a wager before the dealer deals the cards. In this type, the player to the left of the big blind starts with the action. Placing the bet twice the size of the BB allows the under the gun player to act last preflop rather than first. 

Mississippi straddle 

This is not the kind of straddle that you will encounter in most live poker rooms. On the other hand, some house rules allow players from any position to straddle before the cards are dealt. The player has an opportunity to take this option before the dealer deals the cards. If the opponent doesn't re-straddle, the player who placed the straddle bet has the advantage of becoming the last one to act last on the preflop.

Button straddle 

The button straddle position poker is similar to the Mississippi, except that only the player in the button position can post it. When a button straddle is placed, things start to become interesting in terms of who acts when. Once you decide to straddle from the button position, the other player who will act last from the preflop place first will occupy the under the gun position. This variant is one of the chaotic rule choices, and many traditional casinos have specific rules for button players. The most well-known move usually the players make is to let the action start from the player in UTG position, proceed clockwise, skip the button, and jump to the poker blinds before returning to the button, where straddling ends.

Un-Capped straddle 

Although the typical straddle allows you to bet double the big blind, which is the maximum amount, you can take things to the next level in an un-capped straddle. This type of straddle allows you to bet as much as you want to, as it removes the 2X big blind limit for straddling. You can also bet your whole chip stack if you wish. To bet big, an un-capped straddle bet is an excellent way to go. Remember, it isn’t always the wise thing to do. So, be careful of that.

Is poker straddling a good idea?

In short, no. But there are some exceptions. The straddle is not a play that can be used carelessly, and it is completely fine never to initiate one. There are three cases where poker straddling can be profitable or beneficial.

1. Playing against loose passive table: Straddling can be an advantageous move if you have many opponents that are likely to all lose preflop rather than folding the aggression post-flop. With the help of aggressive post-flop bets, you may create a sizable preflop pot and get an advantage over your opponents. Still, using this poker strategy has a disadvantage, that is putting in big post-flop bets. As a result, it is critical to gamble with money that you can afford to lose. 

2. Everyone is straddling: When all the players at the table begin to straddle, it will be best for you to straddle when your opportunity arises. This is because you will be playing at an action-packed table where you will have a chance to win. However, if you are unable to straddle, you should not do this since it may knock you out of the game.

3. Lack of knowledge: If any of your opponents lack knowledge about poker, you can win the game if they don’t know anything about the rules, the straddle process, or what straddling means. But, if none of the above scenarios occurs never straddling is a better alternative than doing it frequently. 

Final thoughts

When playing Texas Hold’em, if you have the option to straddle, should you go for it? In general, the answer is no. The only benefit of using this is that you get a chance to act last in the first betting round. But you should be aware of how it works if your opponents do it and adjust your pro poker tips and poker strategy accordingly. If the opponents on the table are straddling, this probably means that you are on a profitable table. There is a lot of money to be made in these circumstances if you stay disciplined (and can afford to play). 

Now that you have a fair idea about straddle bet, why not practice the same before heading to play for real money? You can play and practice the game on the Gamentio platform for free with thousands of poker enthusiasts anytime, anywhere. Waiting for what? Download the standalone poker app and have all the fun in an exciting online 3D poker app!  

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