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Strategy to play deep stack poker | Quick Tips

  • Published Date August 25, 2021
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How to play with deep stacks in Poker: Tips to help you win

Deep stack poker play exists in every form, including sit and go, cash games, or any type of poker tournaments. This play requires a different skillset and approach than what you would usually implement in a 100BB game. It is a cat and mouse game where you have to face the outcomes for the smallest mistake - by just making a wrong move, you risk losing not just a piece of your stack but the whole thing and walking home empty-handed.

The mechanics of every deep stack game will enable players to participate in more pots, thus making more difficult postflop plays, and will provide more area for maneuverability. Aggressive players will discover that these games are more suitable for them, whereas loose-passive ones will find that they are not for them. Of course, in order to be a top winning poker player, you must learn how to win both deep and short stack poker strategy.   

What does the term deep stacks mean in poker?

In the game of poker, a deep stack means a large stack relative to the big blind that usually consists of 200BB or more. For example, if you begin with 10,000 chips and the blid levels are 25/50, you will have a total of 200BB. This is referred to as a deep stack game. Some specific tournaments and cash games are deep stacked.

Tips of playing deep stack poker

As deep stack cash games and tourneys run differently from regular tournaments, it is vital to slow down your game. There are some poker strategies and pro poker tips that may come in handy the next time when you play a deep stack poker game. Let’s take a look at them:

Position is key 

It should be pretty evident that position is the most crucial aspect of poker. The position becomes even more essential when the stacks are deep. Being in a position, as always, makes your decision easier. On the other hand, playing out of position becomes tricker and difficult. In later rounds, when playing traditional poker against tough opponents, you may find yourself under pressure and difficult decisions for big pots. Facing big bets and being under pressure is particularly challenging in deep stack games because one mistake may prove costly. 

The best poker strategy to deal with this difficulty is to try to play in position more often. Yes, you must play out of position as well, but by tightening up against the stronger players, you will be one step from securing profits gained elsewhere. Depending on which position you will play, each position will produce different levels of profit for you. The small blind is the worst position to play as you will always be the first to take action. The later positions will always be the most beneficial, as you get to act last. So, you must take advantage of them in all forms. 

Observe your opponents 

Reading your poker opponent becomes an essential part of deep stack tournament strategy as well as cash games. You should be aware of the type of opponent you are up against. As deep stack poker play has a longer duration of gameplay, you have plenty of time to observe your opponent’s gameplay. After a few hands, you should have a good understanding of your opponents and use that against them. If any of your opponents are aggressive, you must also play the game aggressively. However, if an opponent is weak, the stronger you play, the more difficult it would be for them. Thus, it is essential to observe your opponents and decide how to approach them. 

Preflop betting in deep stack poker

Once you get an idea about the playing pattern of your opponent, it is simple to use preflop bets with better implied odds and hence increased possibilities of winning. If you are familiar that your opponent usually bet small with mediocre poker hands, in that case, you can call a preflop 3 bet with a good but marginal hand like suited gappers, connectors, suited aces with high cards, etc. The best way to play these hands is when you are in position. The reason such cards can be used as a deep stack tournament or cash game strategy, because of the stacks size and your high implied odds; seeing the flop becomes advantageous. As a result, calling 3-bets or mediocre hands preflop and continuing the flop might be beneficial when playing poker in land-based casinos

Speculative hands increases in value

In deep stack games, hands that seem to be underdogs to premium hands go up in value. This is because you are not playing matchups like preflop all-ins or playing out an all-in pot before you hit the turn. Hands like suited connectors and suited aces have many combinations of flush, straight, insight draws and disguise two pairs and three of a kind. The value of these hands also goes up as they are easy to play. There is more room for creative plays as you will be more certain to have more equity post-flop, there is more room for creative plays. 

For example, you can semi-bluff with float or a draw with backdoor possibilities or even call with the bottom pair in the hope of improving or making a move later. Either you can apply pressure and win the hand now or improve to the stronger hand in the later street. When you are playing with deep stacks, there are greater possibilities, and the value of deception also goes up. Such hands are simple to play multi-way because many pots are challenged with more than one opponent when playing deep stack poker games.   

Wrap up 

In deep stack poker play, there is room for a lot of betting. Though it can be daunting, it can also be a simple task depending on how you set yourself up from preflop. Taking advantage of your position and reading opponents is essential in deep stack games. By making the changes in your deep stack poker strategy as mentioned above, you will be able to navigate with confidence and put your adversaries in difficult situations. 

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