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What is button poker table position, its advantages, importance?

  • Published Date March 30, 2021
  • By Admin

What is button position in poker and its advantages?

If you hang out around professional poker players long enough, you will quite often hear the term position. When they are talking about the position in poker, they are referring to when they will take action when playing a game.

In a full ring table, there are different positions, each having its own strengths. However, the most profitable and best poker table positions are button positions.

What is button position in poker?

Once you are assigned the dealer position, you are said to be on the button in poker. This position designates the dealer. So, if you are in this position when playing free poker online, this means currently you are the dealer, and after the cards are dealt, you will be the last one to act in each of the betting rounds.

A dealer is represented by a plastic disc with the word ‘D’ written over it. The dealer button moves clockwise once the deal ends in order to rotate the advantage of the last action. 

When you are in a button poker position, you can loosen up and play more holdings. You have an opportunity to raise and cause your opponents to fold their hands if you think that they have weak hands based on their previous bets. This position also offers the option to fold your hand rather than risk more money and know the structure of the board if the bets before you have been quite ambitious.

Let’s look at some of the pro poker tips and why playing at the button position poker gives you a massive advantage over your opponents. 

Information about your opponent’s action 

The key advantage of playing from the button position is that you will be able to acquire more information about your opponents. Since your opponents are first to take action, you can make out their betting pattern, how they play their hands etc. and make your decisions accordingly. If your opponent checks, you have a chance to steal blinds, bet or value or figure out where you stand in hand. Basically, you have some control over how you can play your hand out.

Pot control 

Pot control means that you get a chance to decide the control of the action at hand. If they check you on the turn street, for example, you have the option to either check back or to bet. Or if your opponents bet, you get to decide whether you want to raise, call, or fold. Essentially, this means that you get to choose the pot size that you want to play. You also keep yourself away from risky situations. 

Stealing pot 

As you have an advantage from the button position, you should always be on the search for pots you can take away that nobody else wants. The opponents who act before you are giving you information and clues on a plate, only with the actions they prefer to take. So, identify the weakness like small bets and checks, then attack with raises and bets. As always, you must take into consideration what type of poker players are with you in the pot. If they constantly check raise, you should then bluff less. In button position, you don’t have to play aggressively on every hand. If you have figured out that your opponent has to fold in the game you are playing with, you must cut down the moves that you will make. However, remember, your mindset should be to play vigorously and stay vigilant. 


To be in a button position poker is so profitable that even if you have weaker hands, you can win the pot. The opportunity to act last gives you more advantage when you are trying to show premium hands. If the opponents check you, showing weakness, it is the ideal time for you to raise and take down the pot right there. Assume that you raise with the button A♦10♦. You get called by BB, and the flop comes K♠ Q♠ 8♥. The BB checks the action to you. So, if you bet in this position and your opponent does not have an Ace or a King or even a 6, they will fold, and the power of your hand becomes insignificant. So, in this case, it was “in position” that helped you take down the pot, not your cards.

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Playing in a button poker position reduces your risks and increases your winning chances. No matter what you are holding, continue to raise pots and put pressure on your opponents into first throwing money and then making them believe that folding their hands is the only solution. Thus, leaving you a big winner.

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