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What is cutoff position poker and its advantages

  • Published Date March 19, 2021
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What is cutoff position Poker and its advantages

There are various things that a poker player must understand whether playing online or offline, like reading opponents tells, catching their bluffs, knowing their betting style, etc. This also includes the poker position you are seated in during a hand - one of the most critical aspects of the game. This is often neglected by a beginner poker player

In Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, the player's position in the betting sequence is essential, as it often decides the game’s outcome. When playing your hand after your opponents gives an advantage over them. But, some poker players become so captivated with the button position that they ignore that the cutoff poker position is also a very advantageous seat if played correctly.

What is cutoff position in poker?

Cutoff position is the second-best table position in the free online poker game. It is the seat right to the dealer’s button. This position has a significant strategic advantage over the rest of the other positions as you get valuable information about how you should play your hand. As it is the second directly to the right of the button, it is the best position in a flop or a draw game. As a result, you can extend your poker pre-flop hand range and steal blinds more aggressively from the cutoff position than from other positions.

Origin of the cutoff poker name

There are various reasons why this table position got the name of cutoff. In a full ring game, the player to the right of the dealer cuts the cards after the shuffle is done. This same situation does not happen in a formal game when playing in a casino or poker room. This is because there is a professional dealer, and players do not cut the deck after the shuffle. Another reason is that the name comes from the fact that this position is a strategy for cutting off the next three players, particularly after placing the bets for the deal. The cutoff position player has an ability to somehow force the players in the button, big and small blind positions to fold. 

Advantages of cut off position in poker 

In Texas Hold’em poker, there are various table positions. The big blind, small blind, under the gun, cutoff, and the button position. In a typical poker game, there are only five poker players. But in the game where there are more than five players, the remaining players will be placed between the cutoff positions and under the gun poker position. Of course, the button position is the most profitable position. The button position moves with each hand so that every player gets a chance to have a new position in each hand. 

When the dealer deals, each player receives two hole cards. The game begins with a UTG position. The player in this position has the chance to call, raise, or fold their hand. With just a few players left after this position, the cutoff spot has the benefit of understanding how the players before them have played their hand. If the opponents have folded their hand before this position, this is the best position from which you can raise or call to threaten the button, small and big blind into folding so that you can steal the blinds. If the player in this position has a premium hand and the remaining opponents have called, it is a good spot for raising.

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The other poker position advantage of playing at this position is that after the flop, if the cutoff poker position player has not folded, either he becomes the second last player to act or the last one in all remaining rounds if the button player decides to fold. This is the best position as the player acquires a lot of information about their opponents. 

Range of hands to play out in cutoff poker position

As already discussed, the cutoff position poker is one of the most profitable poker positions. So, this means that a player can play with a wide range of hands. Let’s take a look at the cards that can be played from this position:

1. Pocket pairs 

2. Suited connectors (these cards are beneficial to be played out as having them you get the chance to hit a straight or a flush). 

3. Suited Aces (they are in the group of quite favourable hands).

4. Offsuit Aces (it is important to consider your opponents play style since these cards aren’t considered to be premium cards).

5. High-rank cards such as aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens (both offsuit and suited).

The cutoff poker is the second strongest table position to play. As you are in the late position to act post-flop, you have an opportunity to attack weaker players easily. The player in this position is in stronger positions to play marginally-strong hands than the earlier position player. They can play their game a little loose. From the cutoff position, the opponents can anticipate more loose and aggressive play from the cutoff and button players. You will need to implement a smart strategy and assess if the players in the blind positions are likely to defend themselves.

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