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How to play poker quads in Hold’em

  • Published Date March 15, 2021
  • By Admin

How to Play Poker Quads in Hold’em

No no! This is not a page related to the gym, and we are not talking about workouts. Quads is a poker hand ranking term that players also commonly recognise as the four of a kind. Just under a straight flush and above a full house is four of a kind.

Although quads is not the highest hand in poker, but one of the best hands that a player can get. As the name suggests, it is made out of four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank (the kicker). The odds of having poker quads is 1 in 88 million, and who knows if you can see this happening.

How to Play Quads in Texas Hold’em Poker?

If you think that having quads poker means that you are looking good for a win, then you have to reign yourself in. Though quads is a very decent hand to play with, but it is also a possible minefield.

Not only you have to be cautious that your opponents may have hit lucky in a Royal flush or Straight Flush, but you will also need to be wary of the strength of your own quads. For instance, if you have four Aces, then you are in a good position, and can play little more aggressively. On the other hand, if you have low strength quads, like 9s, 8s, or lower, then you will need to proceed with care because your opponents may have a stronger Four of a Kind. 

Keep a watch on what community cards are down on the board and how your opponents react to your pre-turn and pre-river raises.

Trick for Playing Quads

Let’s begin by stating that you should never think of folding quads if you are a newbie. There are very few cases where there is the right way where you can take it out of range entirely when learning to play Texas Hold’em. If anyhow you are defeated by stronger quads or a straight flush, then that is a story for your grandkids.

The truth is that 99.9% of the time, when you have quads, you have the premium hand, and you should think about maximising your profit. Quads are, in fact, one of the uncommon poker hands where you can consider slowing down and let your opponents place as many bets as possible into the pot. Also, the problem with this poker hand ranking is that most of the time, you are so strong that it can be hard to disguise your hand.

Of course, when you have quads, there are pairs on the table. This means your opponents might easily be struck two-pair or a full house, so you should do everything you can to be sure whether or not they have a monster hand.

This does not mean that you should never mix things up. If you have been bluffing a lot, then you can probably take a few hits early. But you might feel sad if any of your opponents lay it down immediately. Preferably, you will be against an opponent who bluffs a lot, and before you bomb the river, you can call a couple of streets.  

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Probabilities of the Quad

In a standard deck of 52 cards, there are 13 ranks, each comprising four suits. All the four cards of the same rank in a hand forms quads. With the added fifth card, there are a total of 624 possibilities to get quads. Let’s take an example; we will be focusing on the odds of being dealt with the quads on the flop. This means that a player will be having five cards, consisting of their 2 hole cards and the 3 flop cards. 

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Number of ways to draw the hand (not having different suits): 156

Number of ways to draw the hands (having different suits): 624

Odds of getting a Quad: 1/4,165

Probability of getting a Quad: 0.0240%

Do you think you know about poker quad? Well, you are just getting started on your journey in achieving poker greatness as there is much more to learn. Visit the Gamentio app to read more about the poker game, online poker tips, and discover in the easiest way possible.
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