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How To Improve Your Poker Skills

  • Published Date July 21, 2020
  • By Admin

6 ways to improve your poker skills

If you are looking for ways on how to improve your poker skills in a day, that certainly is not going to happen. You can learn how to play poker in a day, but to gain mastery takes years. The only way to improve your game is EXPERIENCE. Experience is the key to winning at poker. You need to play a lot on the tables and learn from your mistakes. However, you should keep in mind the certain fundamentals that will help you to play more optimally and thus increase your chances of winning. Consider the following ways to improve your game. 

Playing the Game Consistently 

Playing more hands is one of the best ways to improve your game. If there is one unifying characteristic that seems to have common among the biggest champions is: they always appear to be at the tables playing poker. And why wouldn’t they? The purpose of the game is to play and make money. Just by spending most of your time sitting around watching the game, reading and talking about cannot make you an expert player. 

Another advantage of regularly playing the game is that you get to learn some of the important lessons from trial and errors at the poker tables. By playing the game everyday, you will improve by learning from your own mistakes. This is the number one way to improve your skills.

Study Your Hand

The simple way to start learning from your poker hands is to review them and learn from your mistakes. If you are playing online poker, I would suggest you use a good poker tracking program. This program will help you evaluate your hands after every session and figure out where you are having difficulty. 

Recognizing the leaks in your game will make it easy for you to improve. On the other hand, it is difficult to find the faults if you do not take time to look into it. Some players believe that the only way to become better in the game is to play, but they are missing the most economical way to get better. Even most experts would advise setting aside at least a few hours every week to focus on the game.   

Hire a Poker Coach

If you are serious about improving your game, hiring a coach is the most successful way. A highly qualified coach can help you fix your faults and focus on the trouble spots. These days, many high-levels poker pros offer to coach to the players on the side. But this is one of the most expensive choices to opt for. Coaching rates might range from $100 to $200 per hour. If you are a micro-stakes poker player on a restricted bankroll, it can be a bit of a challenge. So, it is suggested considering hiring a coach if you play mid-stakes or high-stakes when the cost is not so vital to you. 

Study Poker Books

There are a bunch of high-level poker strategy books available today. There are many books available on live poker, poker math, online poker, GTO (game theory optimal) poker strategy, the mental game, and many more. The best thing about the poker books is that it is much more cost-efficient, particularly for small stakes players, as compared to hiring a poker coach. Also, the amount of information available on a single book has a much more in-depth analysis than you could ever find in any 30-minute training video.

Read Poker Blogs

There are many poker blogs produced by many poker sites. You can learn about advanced poker tips and tricks on the sites. Reading poker blogs is one of the easiest ways to become better in the game. This is because most of these posts are written by poker experts who have a high degree of experience in the game. It is a great way to obtain knowledge into the mind of the top pros and also how they react to the situation when the bad luck hits.

Study Video Poker Courses

Poker video courses transformed the poker training industry in the last couple of years ago. I believe that they are still one of the most effective ways to improve the game rapidly. Poker course videos are invaluable. In essence, it is as good as looking into the games of some of the best poker players in the world. To understand their thought process and gaming technique. This kind of exposure is truly irreplaceable. In the videos, you can see how the pros play their game and gain knowledge from their immense levels of experience. 

It should be noted that instead “watch” I used the word “study.” You should treat them like a university lecture. Your full attention is needed in order to gain the most from them. To get the benefit most out of it, take notes, and if you have any follow up questions, you may ask your coaches. You must put the knowledge you get into practice at the poker tables instantly. 

Remember, the ways mentioned above will not teach you how to win the game every time. But it will help in improving the skills whether you are playing cash games or tournaments. There are various ways to improve your game. The one that is right for you is how efficiently you learn the game. A variety of different approaches is possibly the way to go. However, it depends on person to person. Some players can learn it all in a day, whereas others take time. So, move at your own speed and don’t rush at all. 

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