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Poker Strategy: How To Become A Poker Champion?

  • Published Date July 21, 2020
  • By Admin

To become a specialist in a particular field is not easy; expertise comes through experience. With enough knowledge and practice and through many trials in which mistakes and corrections are made, it is certainly not by luck. Many people who are now specialists in their field in one way or another have gone through various levels and stages in which they have learnt critical lessons and made them what they are today. 

However, to become a poker champion has never been easy, and it won’t be easy in today’s competitive environment. But, if you take the game seriously, it may be worth the efforts. You will certainly find your way at the top and become one of the world’s greatest poker players.

Although there are many ups and downs in the poker career, by putting your hard work, you can come out as the best. So, you must be thinking how to become the best poker player? Well, I am listing five steps which can help you to make an excellent poker player.

Pick your online poker game and be consistent

Most players in the world of poker will try various games simultaneously. For example, playing MTTs (multi-table tournaments) and cash games or SNGs (sit and go tournaments). If you don’t focus on any specific game and consistently jump from one format to another, you will not become a skilled player in either of them. This can be a barrier for improvement in your game. Thus, your main aim should be to decide which variant you want to play and put all your focus on it. 

While choosing the game, consider your situation and also the one you actually enjoy. Once you decide the game, it is vital to stick to it. You will need to play lots of hands and review it to acquire the experience and knowledge which is required to beat your opponents. By consistently focusing on a particular variant will help you to improve your game quicker. This is because you can focus on learning the important things and gain knowledge at a better pace. 

Gain mastery in the game and know your odds 

Once you decide the specific format of the game, put all of your efforts in to gain proficiency. Evidently, if it’s a new game, you should start with its rules and poker strategy, but instantly after that, your next move should be to conquer the math. No matter what variant you play, poker is all about math. If you don’t know numbers, it is going to be very difficult to achieve any success, and perhaps even impossible.

To learn the odds is very important. You should learn to figure out your odds. How you can hit a winning hand when you're behind. You should be also able to calculate how to compare against the pot odds you are getting. This is because if you want to stick with your holdings, you can make an informed decision. Comprehend how implied odds work with their extra values. And most importantly, forget about hands and learn to think about ranges. This can be easily done by analyzing the frequencies and the behavior of your opponent during the play.

Manage your bankroll

Managing your finances efficiently is quite a self-explanatory topic and is one of the essential steps. And yet many poker players fall short due to lack of discipline. In order to manage bankroll in poker, you must separate your bankroll from daily cash and keep savings to cover your living expenses. You should also have sufficient buy-ins to outlive variance. Also, never think that the variance can never hit or you can outwit it. On the basis of your win rate, the variance can be huge, perhaps greater than you can ever expect. 

Invest in education

When you know the odds and the game from inside-out, you can win easily in the lower stakes games and in fact practice a lot without burning your bankroll. But if you are looking for a way to become an expert player, I suppose you have aspirations that are far bigger than that. And this can be achieved by educating yourself. As there are many resources available for free, you can watch videos, read articles, blogs, books etc. You can even join a poker training site or hire a coach. Any edge you generate for yourself will ultimately bring profits. 

Don’t stop learning

When you begin playing poker and also winning serious games, it does not mean that you should stop learning. That is never going to be the case. Poker is a challenging and dynamic game, which means if you stop learning, you will stop improving, and others will catch up quickly. It is essential to realise that if you are winning today, it is not necessarily that you will win the same games tomorrow if you stop learning. This game keeps on changing. As so many resources are available every day, players are progressing, new ones are joining the game, and they are eager to win. So, keep yourself updated every single day, and you will become excellent. 

If you are thinking of taking your game to a professional level, the five steps mentioned above can immensely help in your poker journey. To become a champion in this game is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. If you are a novice player, you can start playing poker with virtual money. You can download the Gamentio app for free or can directly start playing on the browser. Practice your skills on an online poker platform before heading to play with skilled players.

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