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5 Myths About Texas Hold'em

  • Published Date October 12, 2019
  • By Admin

Texas Holdem is known all around the world - even by those who don't play poker online! It's a very popular game for many of its loyal players. However, there are also very common misconceptions around it. Such myths are driven by a whole lot of misleading, often done by the Media, online forums and dissatisfied players too! 

We're here to smash these myths! In this article, we break down 5 Myths About Texas Hold'em That You *Shouldn't* Believe In:

Myth #1: Bluffing Is Unnecessary

Although bluffing is not a typical occurrence, a player must stay cautious at every point. So, the person on the other side may not seem very scared - but they might just be! Don't expect someone with a trench coat, dark shades and a hat to bluff someone. It could be anyone. The strategy is great to win. The important component of a good bluff are the correct timing and the situation. Beware when you play poker online! 

Myth #2: Women Aren't As Good As Men

If you happen to think that your opponent being a woman will make the game easy for you: think again! Women can be great in the expertise of Texas Hold'em poker, and you might just land in deep water.

Although the number of men who play poker exceeds the number of women, remember that Muskan Sethi and Nikita Luther from India gave men a whole new experience at the game.

Myth #3: You Can't Win Consistent Games

This myth seems to haunt even the more experienced players - but it's completely untrue! If your game strategy is right, it's not at all impossible to win games consistently, even consecutively, for a long time! What is true that some people might become too over-confident and lose their wit. So, you can only win by how good you play poker online. And you'll continue to see consistent wins. It's not exactly a game of luck! 

Myth #4: You Require Mathematical Knowledge To Win

Texas holdem poker is a game of mindfulness and the correct strategy. It's unbelievable how many people believe in this crazy fabrication that you need good mathematical knowledge to win at poker. However, that is terribly and utterly wrong! While a little bit of mathematical knowledge can help you make the right moves - what's actually needed is more practise, more skills, and more experience at playing the game right! 

Myth #5: You Need A Big Stack To Give Strong Competition 

So, this one goes something like: The more stack a person has, the more the other opponent is at stake. This is completely false! Poker is played on-the-spot. You can't make a pre-plan to play right. Therefore - whether or not your opponent has a big stack is a non-issue. Don't try to threaten your opponent through this. And stay wary when it happens to you! 

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