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Texas Holdem Strategy: Cash Games vs. Tournament Style

  • Published Date August 1, 2018
  • By Admin

When playing online poker, there are many facets to poker game strategy that can be complicated to the average viewer. Yet, it is possible to master all these strategies and use them to your advantage during online poker tournaments. When you are playing cash games, the strategy for Texas holdem is different from when playing tournament style.

For a cash game of online power, you have to weigh decisions both from their poker relevance as well as from a practicality angle. The strategy for tournament is to acquire all the chips that are available to play. This requires being in more pots, betting more and gambling in order to be successful.

Tournament Strategy

Online poker tournaments have a strategy that is meant to help you end up with the whole bag of chips. This can be a difficult strategy to use when playing because it needs a lot of patience, experience, poker skills and a solid battle-hardened temperament to know when to deal hands. This strategy sometimes ends up in a premature exit from tournaments if something goes wrong. Another tournament style strategy for poker game requires staying in the game as long as possible and taking chances as they come. Either of these two strategies is what most of the recent Texas Holdem online poker players now use to win.

Playing online poker with tournament strategy keeps you fighting to stay alive at every hand (you get fewer hands than usual) and avoid risky situations. This second strategy is what is advised for most new players to online poker tournaments and beginners.

Cash Game Strategy

Cash games are sometimes regarded as a better test of skill in poker game. This is because there’s more money on the line and even when you lose money, you can add more funds and continue. Cash games present more strategy options, playing styles and betting methods for players to choose. You can also use tournament style but cash game strategies are much better.

Here are some of most common cash game strategies that are popular.

Tight Play is done by playing only premium hands, raising only once in a while and pretty much letting the game play itself out. Tight play strategy helps you keep your money over time and you don’t lose so much. This disadvantage is that you don’t play so much and might also not win so much either.

Tight-Aggressive cash game strategy is done through controlling the table without risking your cards. This also allows you to bluff when the chance arises. This strategy is great for playing premium starting hands.

Another cash game strategy is aggressive play where you play many starting hands and bet often regardless of the cards you hold. This strategy keeps other players confused and lets you be constantly on the offensive which means bigger profits. The flip side is that losses are also substantial.

In conclusion, choosing what style you use for online poker tournaments depends on what works best for you over time. Playing online poker with different strategies will allow you to become proficient and decide which ones you will model your game after.

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