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Top Poker Pros in India

  • Published Date July 30, 2018
  • By Admin

While the poker game has been out and established in a lot of countries, famous card games like poker are still are in their infant stages. Part of the big reason why the poker game hasn’t been the most popular has mainly been because of the “gambling” element to it. As a result it’s been tolerated but largely frowned upon in general places, forcing these card games to appear in pockets in urban areas.

A lot of the reason for that is the fact people lack knowledge about the skill elements that poker brings to the table. In fact the poker strategy is the reason why poker is one of the highest stake mind games out there.

But despite all of that, there are many poker pros in India. Of course this is based solely on earnings since a lot of people say the success stems from the money a player makes. Below is that list.

Nipun Java

With a Player of The Year (POY) score of 1,648.75, this man is the top player on our Indian money list. Currently he is ranked as the 688th place in POY, the highest rank he had once being 686th. On the Global Poker Index (GPI) he’s ranked 190th, making him part of the top 200 best poker players in the world. In his lifetime of poker, he’s earned nearly 2 million USD.

Raghav Bansal

Second in line is Raghav Bansal who is quite the popular figure in Indian poker circuit. He normally sports a custom made hoodie and shades. Wouldn’t look out of place in a shady alley, but he has found his home in the casinos of India and abroad. He’s got a POY rating of 1,444.97 and is ranked 245th in the GPI. His total earnings are roughly $735,000 USD.

Aditya Agarwal

Making most of his winnings online, he’s been getting involved in the WSOP events lately in the US. Ranked 3rd highest cash winner, he made most of his earnings online. Over the years of playing online he’s been able to win over 2.2 million dollars. He is the 2,325th highest money winner in the world as a result. Furthermore because of his success he’s gotten pretty popular within the community. Because of this he is the 942nd most popular player according to the GPI.

Taha Maruf

The last poker game player on our list is this young pro Taha Maruf. He has mainly been playing the card games domestically, however he has been taking the world by storm after he went international. One big move was the fact he landed 3rd in a No Limit Hold’Em Main Event that was in Atalanta City. This netted him $3 million.

To top that off he also placed 6th in another event which gave him his second biggest haul in his career. But despite all of his earnings he stands at about the 2,400th in all time money list and is ranked the 1,654th best player according to the GPI.

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