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Poker: Slow-rolled the nuts

  • Tanggal diterbitkan Juli 7, 2017
  • Ditulis Oleh Sushil Kakkar



Slow-roll is pretty much the most unethical and dis-respectful thing to do on a Poker table. But we all know these players do exist and there have been so many instances in the past where players have slowrolled the absolute nuts. Here’s a compilation of a few slowrolling videos and you have to see them to learn that it isn’t always the coolest thing to do, as despite holding the best hands some of them lost, bowing down to their fate.  


1. Andreas vs Donnacha: Irish Open



2. Shaun Deeb vs Mike Mattasow



3. Antonio Esfandiari vs Phil Laak: Party Poker Premier League



4. Laborda vs Huynh: WSOP Main Event



5. Jack Ury vs Steven Friedlander: WSOP Main Event



6. Wiesler vs Selbst: EPT Pargue



7. Anthony Anderson slow rolls Michael



8. Mikel Habb slow rolls Sam Abernathy: Aussie Millions


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