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Poker: Vital Statistics for every player

  • Data de publicación August 23, 2017
  • Por Sushil Kakkar



Ever wondered what are your chances of catching a pair on the Flop or making a straight on the Turn? When will you be dealt Aces and are all suited hands good enough to see the Flop with?


Well, here are a few vital statistics associated to Poker that will answer your questions and more:


1. Pair: It may sound a bit strange to you, but you are actually dealt a Pair once in every 17 hands or 6% of the time.


2. Pairing: The chances of, one of your hole cards connecting with the Flop and making a pair is around 33% or One Third.


3. Suited Connectors: Suited Connectors are fairly decent hands, to start off with. But do not be under the impression that they have a great chance to topple over pairs. The truth is that 80% of the time over pairs will get the better of suited connectors.


4. Flop a Set: If you have been dealt a pair, the odds to you flopping a set are 1 to 7 or once in every 8 hands. So make sure if it is a small pair you do not invest too much to see that Flop.


5. Coin Flips: Coin Flips or a Race is two over-cards against a pair. If Over Cards are suited, the pair will win 46%-54% of the times and if not suited, the pair will win 48%-57% of the times.


6. Flopping a Flush: It is a rare occurrence that you are dealt two suited cards and the Flop completes the Flush. Precisely 0.8% or once in ever 125 hands.


7. Full Boat: If you Flop two pairs then your chances of making a Boat or a Full House, by the River is 16.74% but your chances drastically improve if you Flop a set and you are now a 33% chance to get a Full House.


8. Gut Shot Straight: It is really not recommended to draw with a hand seeking an inside straight or gutshot straight as you will only be able to get there 9% of the times.


9. Suited Hands: You shouldn’t be really playing any hand, just because it is suited. It only improves your hand by 2.5%.


10. Two Pairs: The chances of you Flopping two pairs, holding two different cards is only around 2%.


11. Premium Hands: The chances of getting a Premium Hand (Aces, Kings, Queens or Ace King Suited) is again fairly low, 2.1%, so don’t just look out for them, before you play a hand.


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