Poker Rules

Enlisted below are some Gamentio Poker rules to help you understand the game better :-

  • Buy-In : In Poker, players play based on what kind of stake they want to bet in a game. So, a Buy-In is the total value of stakes a player chooses to bet in each hand of Poker he/she plays. The total buy-in in Gamentio Poker is 100 times the value of the Big Blind.

  • All-In : This feature allows players to Call a bet by using their remainder chips even when they don't have sufficient chips to match the bet being placed. The player is declared ''All-in'' and continues to participate in the game as though they have Called the bet normally. However, they can't win more money than the amount of their own bet from other players at the table.

    All-in, also entails that a player may bet all his chips at any point during a hand being Played.

  • Value of bets : The minimum bet a player can place is the same as the Big Blind. A player who chooses to Raise, adds an additional bet to the previous bet that has already been placed.

  • Sharing of the Pot : If two players have the same hand post the five hole cards being dealt, the Pot then gets shared equally between the two players.

  • For the purpose of comparing hands all suits are equal.

Poker Glossary :

  • - Small Blind : Small value of forced bet made by the person sitting next to the Dealer.

  • - Big Blind : Forced bet made by the player sitting next to the Small Blind. The value of the Big Blind is double that of the Small Blind.

  • - Pre-Flop : The betting that takes place before the Flop is dealt.

  • - The Flop : Term used for first three community cards dealt.

  • - Turn : Also known as the Fourth, is the term used for the fourth community card dealt.

  • - River : Also known as the Fifth, is the term used for the last community card dealt.

  • - Showdown : The end of a hand when the cards of all the active players are revealed to evaluate the winner.

  • - Call : To match a bet that has already been placed.

  • - Check : When a person who's chance it is to raise a bet, chooses not to do so, he may ''check''. Herein no money is bet. If other players also don't want to raise a bet they may do the same too.

  • - Raise : When a player wants to put in an additional bet its called a Raise. In no-limit versions (like Gamentio's) a player is free to raise a bet of any value.

  • - Fold : If a player doesn't want to play further they Fold and exit the hand being played. Further betting has no effect on their chips.

Hierarchy of winning hands in the game of Poker :

Rank of cards in ascending order :

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A