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WSOP: First timer Blumstein wins the 2017 Main Event

  • Published Date July 25, 2017
  • By Sushil Kakkar



Overcoming a humongous field of 7,221 it was none other than the New Jersey Pro, Scott Blumstein, who won this year’s WSOP Main Event. Blumstein, 25, the youngest player on the final table and competing in his first ever WSOP Main Event entered the final table as the chip leader.


His journey was nothing short of a miracle as someone who was playing with first ever Main Event topped an extremely difficult final table with utter ease. He was up against, two previous final tablist, Antoine Saout and Ben Lamb and some very respectable names in Poker, Benjamin Pollak and Bryan Piccioli.


Prior to this, Blumstein only had a few WSOP cashes to his name and his biggest tournament win before this year’s main event was winning the Borgata Summer Poker Open in July 2016, a $560 Buy-In event, with a prize money of $199,854.


“ I’m really happy with how I played tonight,” Blumstein told the media. “ Really happy with the result, really happy with the deuce, because I was playing good, but I’m pretty tired of Poker at this point honestly.” “ Is there a better way to win the main event than by hitting a three outer on the River?” “A normally inconsequential card, the deuce, changes my life.”


He entered the Final Table as the chip leader and there weren’t much swings, up until the point on Day 1 of the Final Table, when the top two stacks collided and John Hesp was on the receiving end of a huge cooler when Hesp’s Top Two Pairs A 10 were up against Blumstein’s flopped, set of Aces, on a A 7 5 10 3 board. The hand gave Blumstein a massive chip stack and crippled his closest opponent Hesp. From thereon he kept applying pressure on every other stack on the table and eventually closed out to win the Main Event in style.


On the last day of the Main Event, the remaining three players, Scott Blumstein, Daniel Ott and Benjamin Pollak started the action with Blumstein holding almost two third of the total chips in play. The action was pretty fast paced and everyone had their moments. The highlighted hand of the day was when it could have been all over, with Pollak shoving All-In with Q 10 and Dan Ott K 9 moving All-In on top. Blumstein looked at his hand A Q and called with a chance to close this Main Event.


The Flop came K J 3, giving Ott the Top pair and Pollak the open ended Straight Draw and a 10 would have handed over the main event to Blumstein. But the turn was a 4 and the river was a 6, which saw Pollak being eliminated and bringing the Main Event down to its last two players.


The heads up battle between Daniel Ott and Scott Blumstein lasted for 66 hands but from the very first hand, Blumstein held a remarkable chip advantage over Ott and it would have taken nothing short of a miracle for Ott to take down this year’s Main Event.


In the final hand, Ott moved All-In with A 8 and Blumstein called with A 2. The Flop came J 6 5, the turn card was a 7 and Ott was a 93% favorite to double up, but a 2 on the river sealed the deal for Blumstein. The rail went crazy and celebrations all over the place.


Blumstein took home a massive $8.15 million and the WSOP gold bracelet for the first place finish. After the win Blumstein also said that “I Didn’t want to win this thing for $8 million, but with that being said, it is nice to have some freedom now”


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